Hand-Made Embrodieries

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Welcome to my website!

Please look through my hand-made folk-art products, created with decades of experience.

I deal with creating and crafting hand-made textile embroidery and hand-made trimmings, and have been doing so for decades. I also do hand-made knitting, macramé techniques, tapestry and satin-stitch, crochet, pearl- and spangle-embroidery as well.

My work is often presented at Hungarian and international exhibitions. I also present my qualified embroidery and braiding to the official Hungarian Jury of Folk Art.

Braids and Traditional “Bocskai” Ties

Today they are also popular as accessories to evening gowns/dresses and suits: male and/or female graduation dresses or formal blouses.

I create all braids and auxiliary laces and buttons by hand-made crocheting (as handmade crochet artwork). I do this according to the folk-art traditions of the regions – usually these artworks are made of black, white, beige and pale blue colors.

I prepare a wide variety of braids: “bocskai”, “varmegyei magyaros” (aristocratic Hungarian), “dobo katica” (another traditional Hungarian style), etc.together with matching buttons and laces.

I use silk- and pearl (or bead) string (or wool) to create these items. The latter requires special skills and expertise. At the same time the results are extraordinary trimming and ornamentation on the clothes.

I also create “bocskai” ties as accessories to braid-suites. Usually I create “magyaros”, “dobo katica” ties (i.e., traditional Hungarian styles) for both male and female customers. I am happy to create/produce other forms or styles of ties, based on drawings or paintings you share with me.

The ties are popular with or without tassels and hand-made with “zsorzset” textile. In the past these ties were used as accessories to braid-customs/suits.

Hand-Made Embroideries

The sizes of these textiles are created according to the specifications of the client.

I am familiar with different folk-art embroidery styles of the different Hungarian regions: úrihímzés, mezőségi, írásos, kalocsai, matyó, sárközi, and buzsáki styles. I also create “point lace” textiles, Irish-lace and gobelein.

I would like to point out the elegant “urihimzes” (aristocratic) style hand-made embroidery pieces. These are most often made on white or beige textile base using beige or colored embroideries of silk string/wool or using other special embroidery types (so-called “divided thread”), sometimes enriched by golden or silver ornaments. These are often used to decorate dining tables, churches or even bride’s dresses.

I work with different types/styles of the “Kalocsai” embroideries: “old”, “sad”, “colored” Kalocsai – and I use all these types frequently (I create pieces based on these styles regularly). The “nagyirasos” style pieces are often created on a canvas textile base using “volga” string/wool. The “mezosegi” or “kisirasos” style pieces are created on coarse-textile base with bourdon wool.

I also ready to pre-draw motifs or ornaments of a given style on a textile base with a size and geometry of your choice.

Hand-Made Crests and Flags

More and more families are rediscovering their pasts and histories, and often find their family crests.

I am happy to re-create family crests and flags as traditional hand-made artwork embroideries – according to your given specifications (size, colors, etc.) and materials (silk, golden and silver strings, pearl-inserts and motifs, etc.).

Folk art souvenir needlework

I am happy to create the following kinds of folk-art souvenirs, such as glass bottle textile covers, graduation bags and corresponding accessories, nostalgia (traditional & retro) wall-carpets, home-blessings and sacral (church) textiles.

Embrodierie restoration

I am ready to overtake the restoration of old- or damaged hand-made textiles and art-works.

The restoration is always done according to the original shape of motifs, colors and materials used and the original techniques used.

Please check out the image gallery for additional samples of my work.


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