Hand-made Hungarian embroideries

I am familiar with different folk-art embroidery styles of the different Hungarian regions: úrihímzés, mezőségi, írásos, kalocsai, matyó, sárközi, and buzsáki styles. I also create “point lace” textiles, Irish-lace and gobelein.

I would like to point out the elegant “urihimzes” (aristocratic) style hand-made embroidery pieces. These are most often made on white or beige textile base using beige or colored embroideries of silk string/wool or using other special embroidery types (so-called “divided thread”), sometimes enriched by golden or silver ornaments.

The “Uri” (aristocratic) embroideries are often used to decorate dining tables, churches or even bride’s dresses.
I work with different types/styles of the “Kalocsai” embroideries: “old”, “sad”, “colored” Kalocsai – and I use all these types frequently (I create pieces based on these styles regularly).

The “nagyirasos” style pieces are often created on a canvas textile base using “volga” string/wool. The “mezosegi” or “kisirasos” style pieces are created on coarse-textile base with bourdon wool. I often create textiles with “rábaközi”, “matyó” or “buzsáki” style motifs.

The sizes of these textiles are created according to the specifications of the client. I also ready to pre-draw motifs or ornaments of a given style on a textile base with a size and geometry of your choice.

Hazi aldasok


Embrodierie restoration

I am ready to overtake the restoration of old- or dameged hand-made textiles and art-works. The restoration is always done according to the original shape of motifs, colors and materials used and the original techniques used.