Braids and traditional “Bocskai” ties

I create all braids and auxiliary laces and buttons by hand-made crocheting (as handmade crochet artwork). I do this according to the folk-art traditions of the regions – usually these artworks are made of black, white, beige and pale blue colors.
I prepare a wide variety of braids: “bocskai”, “varmegyei magyaros” (aristocratic Hungarian), “dobo katica” (another traditional Hungarian style), etc. I also create corresponding buttons and laces.

I also create “bocskai” ties as accessories to braid-suites. Usually I create “magyaros”, “dobo katica” ties (i.e., traditional Hungarian styles) for both male and female customers.I am happy to create/produce other forms or styles of ties, based on drawings or paintings you share with me.The ties are popular with or without tassels and hand-made with “zsorzset” textile.
In the past these ties were used as accessories to braid-customs/suits. Today they are also popular as accessories to evening gowns/dresses and suits: male and/or female graduation dresses or formal blouses.