Welcome to my website! Please look through my hand-made folk-art products, created with decades of experience.

I deal with creating and crafting hand-made textile embroidery and hand-made trimmings, and have been doing so for decades. I also do hand-made knitting, macramé techniques, tapestry and satin-stitch, crochet, pearl- and spangle-embroidery as well. I am a member of the Hungarian Folk-Art Association and the secretary of the “Golden Gate‘ folk-art fellowship.

My work is often presented at Hungarian and international exhibitions. I also present my qualified embroidery and braiding to the official Hungarian Jury of Folk Art.

I would like to invite you to take a short tour of the site, where I‘ll present my work in the following fields:
If you like what you see and you would like to see more, or if you would like to have me renovate some heritage textiles or embroideries, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Hazi aldas